This is an incomplete and unordered list of stuff that sometimes links to other stuff or may in the future or did in the past.


Simple memory game implemented in different ways in Javascript:

Game #2 uses JavaScript's new customElements v1 (since Chrome 55) and Shadow DOM v1 (since Chrome 53 and until Chome 80 or so) APIs. In plain ES2015 and AngularJS, using will-change: on card elements improves animation smoothness somewhat.

Playing with Rust, two simple games for the terminal:


Some of my current sites.

Some of my previous sites.

Web development

SEO tools
A collection of popular tools for keyword and ranking analysis, backlinks, etc.

Webdev toolbox
A searchable collection of links to useful tools and libraries for web developers.


Some older sites from when I lived in China:,,,,,

A few articles.